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Premises Liability

Florida law holds property owners and managers responsible for properly maintaining their premises so that there are no unsafe, hazardous, or negligent conditions that can cause serious injuries or deaths.

The Law Offices of Ricky D. Gordon, P.A. has represented thousands of victims injured in accidents in Broward County, Miami-Dade County, Palm Beach County and throughout Florida, including those who were hurt in slip and fall accidents, inadequate security-related crimes, falling merchandise incidents, dog attacks, or because of other hazardous conditions that existed on someone else's property.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida premises liability Attorney Ricky D. Gordon knows what is required to make your case credible. He is a skilled negotiator and well-respected litigator who has secured large settlements and verdicts for many clients. Attorney Gordon and his legal team will work to achieve the best outcome possible for your premises liability case. We are a Florida personal injury law firm that treats our injury clients the way we expect to be treated.

A Hazardous Premises Liability Case
In a premises liability case, the plaintiff must prove that there was a hazardous condition on the property that caused the injury or death and that the person or entity who owned or managed the property was either aware of or should have been aware of the unsafe condition and did nothing to remove or repair the condition or provide warning that the dangerous condition existed.

Common Kinds of Hazardous Premises Liability Cases:

Slip and Fall Accidents:
Slip and fall injuries can occur if there is a condition on the property that caused a person to slip or trip and fall. A banana peel left on the ground at a grocery store, a poorly lit hallway in an office building, a steep stairwell without a banister, or the failure to warn patrons of the wet floorboards in a restaurant bathroom can all be grounds for a slip and fall claim or lawsuit if someone breaks a bone, dislocates a hip, sustains any type of serious injury, or dies.

Inadequate Security Accidents:
The owners and managers of parking lots, schools, apartment complexes, nightclubs, shopping malls, retirement homes, office buildings, or any other premises frequented by visitors, patrons, customers, or residents are obligated to maintain proper security on their premises—especially if there is a history of crimes committed in the area. If you were sexually or physically assaulted on someone's property in Florida because the property owner neglected to fulfill this duty of care to you, you should talk to Ft. Lauderdale inadequate security Attorney Ricky Gordon right away.

Dog Bite Injuries:
Florida law holds dog owners strictly liable for any injuries inflicted by his or her pet during a dog attack or mauling—unless, of course, the person who is injured was trespassing on the owner's property or proper "Bad Dog" warnings are displayed. A dangerous dog can be a hazardous condition.

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