Client Reviews

Totally recommended. Ricky Gordon and his team are truly one of a kind. They not only help you to get the results you want and need, but they are there for you EVERY step of the way. They are extremely professional and they keep you informed on your case as it develops. When I inquired about the status of my case, I never waited more than few hours to get a response back from the Attorney himself or someone in his team. No words can describe how satisfied I am with the service they provided me. Should I ever have the need again, I will not hesitate to contact them immediately.

Ana D.

Extremely professional, friendly, knowledgable, helpful and successful. Ricky Gordon is always on the top of his game, and his staff, Mary Esther Levine and Haley Jones are wonderful as well. I recommend this Law Firm very highly.

Mike S.

Very nice guy, super professional and attencious.

Luigi M.

Very personable. Kind, compassionate and honest.

John S.

From the 1st call it was a pleasure. Totally makes you at ease about all the different steps of the process.... You send him an email & he will respond ASAP. Complete professionalism & excellent guidance, for he will look into advising you about how you should be able to obtain the info he needs to help you. In addition he takes over all of the nasty calls from collectors, HUGE plus... Ricky & Andrew & the staff are the best.... If you should have an injury case to be looked at, do not hesitate to see Ricky Gordon, esq.


Ricky Gordon is the real thing. He was there for me with alternatives no matter what I was doing. When it was time to settle after several years of my negative reactions; he was patient and did exactly what I wanted him to do. He made many suggestions and they were right for me. Personally I liked doing business with him. I was never rushed, he always answered the phone or emails promptly. He is very professional.

Ricky G.

Since my initial consultation with Attorney Ricky Gordon I felt very comfortable. He makes you feel very comfortable and reviews every single detail of your case. I used Mr. Gordon for my personal injury case. He was always in contact providing updates on my case. He was always there to answer any questions I might have. He answered my phone calls and e mails immediately. His staff is professional and friendly. Me. Gordon exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Attorney Ricky Gordon.


I used Attorney Ricky Gordon for my personal injury/Auto accident case. He has exceeded my expectations beyond belief!. Your phone calls or emails are always answered immediately. I never once even got a chance to wonder the status of my case, as him & his staff kept you informed every step of the way and dont waste one minute processing anything that pertains to your case that comes into thier office immediately. Ive never been through anything like this, so it was very emotionally draining for me. Ricky and his staff, Cheryl & MaryEster make you feel more like family, rather than a name and file number. They are truley pleasant to speak to, always make you feel comfortable and that you are #1! compassionate and caring with you and what your going through... Not to mention the settlement that he was able to negotiate is far beyond what I expected and in such a very short amount of time, which is nearly unheard of for the amount he got me back... I am very happy with the entire process from beginning to end!. I honestly cant even tell you in such a short paragraph of ALL of the things i am very pleased with, with him and his team!!..I HiGHLY recommend him am very happy to have found Attorney Ricky Gordon!


I have used Attorney Ricky Gordon for my personal injury case and my husband's personal injury case. Both times, he has exceeded my expectations. He is extremely professional and is the best at what he does. I've never felt uncomfortable or never felt unaware of anything pertaining to my case, as he would always keep me updated on what was going on. He will fight to get you the most money possible. I am very happy to have found Attorney Gordon, and would not use anyone else.


Ricky Gordon helped me through an extremely difficult workers compensation case that was emotionally draining. His expertise in law and his compassion for his clients are a reason why I will continue to go to Ricky if there are any other issues that I have in the future. When my father passed away he expressed his condolences; this really touched me. Ricky and his team do not simply see you as a client but as someone that they genuinely want to help and feel welcome. The settlement that he was able to negotiate is far and beyond what I expected. Great experience and I highly recommend him.


Ricky Gordon was my second attorney that I hired! The first attorney did absolutely nothing! I fell in a well known restaurant due to the ac leaking with no signage! After going to er by ambulance, had a concussion and fractured tail bone. A week later, I had allergic reaction to meds which led to a 3 day hospital stay. The medical bills piled up, my injuries healed but the bills were still arriving! Ricky Gordon and his staff walked me through every step of the way. They explained the pros and the cons of every outcome to me in depth and the affects it might have on my life! They became part of my life, always keeping me informed and what action he was taking. I never had to call his office and ask "What is happening with my case?" My settlement was beyond my expectations! I highly recommend Attorney Ricky Gordon and his team! Thank you for everything!


My attorney Mr Gordon was excellent. From the first consultation and throughout the time he handled my case he explained everything that was happening with my case. He kept me informed at all times and was prompt in answering any questions I had. Mr Gordon did a great job in handling my case and the results were above expectations. I highly recommend.

Alexander R.

Workers Comp is a very confusing process and requires an attorney who is well versed in it. Ricky Gordon fits that bill,but more importantly Ricky along with his entire firm guided me through the Workers comp maze to a very successful conclusion. They all cared about me and were extremely professional. I would highly recommend him and his firm.


After many years of utilizing Mr. Gordon's services, our family has found him to be very honest, thoughtful and knowlegible in all matters law! He always gives us excellent and honest service, keeping us apprised of any work progress on our behalf! Even tho I usually do not recommend Doctors or Attorneys, in good conscience I would be doing prospective clients a disservice by not recommending Attorney Rickey Gordon! Our entire family, extended family and everyone we have sent as clients all agree that his knowledge and integrity plus his hard work for all of us should be acknowledged! Total and completely recommend his as anyone's choice for an attorney!!


Auto accidents are tragic, painful both phisically and emotionally and affect oneself and relatives. Ricky is vested with elevated legal knowdledge and decorum. He is responsive and within personal reach. It was a pleasure sharing with him, even thought thru difficult times. Thanks Ricky

Ricardo A.

I got injured and my claim was denied. It appeared that no one could / wanted to help me. Someone suggested I'd see a lawyer for advise. where do you start?! that can be pretty intimidating experience. :-/ I started researching and asking around for good lawyers. One friend strongly recommended Mr. Gordon and long story short.. He helped me get the claim denial reversed, get my benefits and took care of all details! Him and his entire staff is are amazing! They make you feel like you're part of the family! Everyone is knowledgeable, prompt in communication, following through, vey kind and genuine which I appreciated very much! Mr. Gordon's reputation in implacable! I am so happy I know him.. he's on my speed dial! I recommend him to everyone needing legal help, representation or advice! He knows everything and everyone; He is an amazing person and a great lawyer; you will be in very good and caring hands if he's representing you! I recommend Mr. Ricky Gordon and his services %100!!


Attorney Ricky Gordon holds true to his motto of treating a client the way he expects to be treated. He and his competent staff always treated us with respect and professionalism whenever we called. They obtained favorable results in an efficient amount of time. My family and I will certainly recommend them very highly to everyone we know. If you want a good experience with a law firm that really cares, then the Law Offices of Ricky Gordon is the place to go. Our thanks go out to Ricky, MaryEsther and Cheryl for treating us like royalty.


I will tell you that you will not be treated like an unknown client by this law firm. Not only will everyone in the office know who you are, but they will greet you (on the phone and in person) as if you are family. Your phone calls or emails do not go unanswered for weeks at a time, like at other law firms, you get attention and answers when you need it. I was always made to feel important and my case was important. I was told upfront what was expected of me and how my case would be handled. There were no surprises at all. I got a great settlement and was very happy with the entire process from beginning to end. I trusted Ricky and his entire staff with all the information and advice I was given. If you want an attorney who will actually care about you, and your individual situation, then this is the one for you.


Since our initial consultation with Mr. Gordon, we were very comfortable because of his patience and his willingness to take the time to review all available options with us. Everyone at the office is very friendly and willing to help. While working the case, Mr. Gordon followed up consistently with us. He leveraged his decades of experience and expertise to work with all associated parties to come to reach a desirable agreement to our satisfaction. I strong recommend Mr. Gordon for your Personal injury, Workers compensation or Mediation case.


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