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The following is designed to help you better understand how we will be handling your case. Not all aspects of your case will be covered here but you will find the key points to assuring a successful attorney/client relationship.

We believe that every case we accept is very important to us. Likewise, we know that your case is very important to you. We share a common objective of doing what is necessary to obtain the best possible result for you. No two cases are alike and while some cases may have similarities, they could end up with different results.

While we cannot guarantee the outcome of a case, we can promise you that our law firm will give you our best effort.

Our Initial Consultation

This is one of the most important phases of your case. Our first consultation is the time when we get to meet each other and for us to obtain information about you and your case. The initial interview generally lasts between one and two hours. During this conference, we will tell you about our firm, how your case will be handled, the law that applies to your case and we will discuss the specific detailed facts of your case.

You will also be introduced to our legal team and we will advise you about our team approach to handling your case. We will also provide you with the advice you will need to understand our relationship, the positive and negative points of your case and what is expected of you in order to achieve a successful result.

After conducting thousands of interviews, we have developed a format that encompasses answers to the most commonly asked questions. However, we encourage your questions about our firm, about your case and how it will be handled.

Our Investigation of Your Case

The investigation of your case will depend on the nature of the incident. The information we gather at our initial interview will assist us in determining the extent of the investigation necessary for your case. Our investigation may involve obtaining witness statements; photographing the scene of the accident, property damages and any visible injuries; gathering medical documentation; discovering the amount of insurance coverage that would be available to compensate you for your pain and suffering, etc.

General Outline of How Your Case Will Be Handled

We have a method of handling cases that generally applies to all cases. However, since the particular details of each case can be different, we anticipate that matters will arise during the progress of a case that will require us to adapt and adjust our procedure and strategy accordingly.

The following is a sample format in a personal injury case:

  • Initial Interview
  • Preliminary Investigation
  • Place potential parties on notice of our representation
  • Determine amount of insurance coverage
  • Gather medical documentation
  • Submit settlement package to insurance company
  • Negotiate settlement of case
  • When a case settles:
    • Release documents executed
    • Closing Statement approved
    • Settlement funds disbursed
  • If the case does not settle, then pre-suit mediation is offered while the case is evaluated for litigation purposes
    • If pre-suit mediation does not occur or is not successful and the case meets test for “going to court”, then a consultation to discuss the time, costs and risks of the litigation phase of the case will be scheduled.
  • A lawsuit will be filed
  • During the litigation, the discovery phase includes:
    • Depositions
    • Interrogatories
    • Compulsory Physical Examinations
    • Requests for Production and Admissions
  • In the event the case does not settle as litigation progresses, the case will be set for trial and the case will be tried to a verdict before a jury.

Since this is a sample outline, please keep in mind that the steps in your particular case could include part, all and/or additional steps from those illustrated above.


Communicating is the most important part of your case. It is very important for us to be able to communicate openly and honestly. The attorney/client relationship is one of confidence so please feel comfortable discussing anything about your case with us.

We pride ourselves on being accessible by telephone, mail, e-mail and in-person consultations. We realize how important communications are to handling a case successfully so we take strides in assuring an open line of communication with our clients. When you call our office you will treated professionally, courteously and respectfully. If we cannot answer your question when you call, we will get the answer and we will call you back. E-mail communications are responded to in an expeditious manner. You will also receive copies of letters we send so that you are kept up to date with the handling of your case.

Sometimes a client does not have time to visit our office or they are not available to accept a return call (if they are at work, school, etc.). In that event, we invite our clients to schedule a telephone appointment so that they have a set time to speak to us.

Our goal is to serve your interests. If you have a question or comment about the handling of your case, please call us at your convenience. The only dumb question is the one that is not asked.

We hope that this information will assist you and if you have any additional questions or comments, please call us at your convenience.

The Law Offices of Ricky D. Gordon, P.A. take pride in the fact that we are always accessible by telephone, e-mail, regular mail, and for in-person consultations to discuss your personal injury case and/or workers’ compensation claim. Our objective is to be there for our clients when they need us.

Call us at (954) 753-0200 or, if you are calling from outside Broward County, Florida, call—toll-free—(800) 329-0201.

You can also contact us online.


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Extremely professional, friendly, knowledgable, helpful and successful. Ricky Gordon is always on the top of his game, and his staff, Mary Esther Levine and Haley Jones are wonderful as well. I recommend this Law Firm very highly.

Mike S.

Very nice guy, super professional and attencious.

Luigi M.

Very personable. Kind, compassionate and honest.

John S.

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